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We belong to the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad, which has congregations all over the world and is a member of the Lutheran World Federation. The largest congregations are in the USA and Canada, but there are also congregations in Australia and in Europe. Our archbishop, Lauma Zušēvica, lives in the United States.

The governing body of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Great Britain is the Church Council, which has the following membership.

Chairman and Dean: Very Revd Dr Andris Abakuks
Chairman of the Trustees and Hon. Treasurer: Pēteris Svilis
Vice-chairman and Hon. Secretary: Revd Daira Vāvere
Member: Una Torstere



Very Revd.
Dr Andris Abakuks
Chairman and Dean 

Pēteris Svilis
Chairman of the Trustees
Tel/fax. 020 8888 0731
Mob. 07977 179104

Una Torstere



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